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Baltimore, MD



Attn: Akhuwat USA

  • How can I drop off clothing items at the Akhuwat Clothes Bank Drive?
    Visit our designated drop-off location at; Szco Supplies Inc, C/O Akhuwat USA 2729 Merchant Dr, Baltimore, MD 21230 Tel: 410.368.8300 Times 8.30 am to 4.30 pm, M-F
  • What types of clothing items are accepted?
    We accept a variety of gently used clothing items, including new and pre-loved formal Men & Women’s clothing (shalwar kameez, kurta, Sari, pants, shirts etc.) and children clothing (all sizes). Please fold and pack your clothing neatly in a box and ship it at your own expense.
  • Can I donate new clothing items?
    While we appreciate your generosity, the Akhuwat Clothes Bank Drive primarily focuses on collecting new and pre-owned formal/informal men, women and kids clothing items of all the sizes.
  • Are there specific guidelines for packing the donated clothes?
    It's helpful to separate and pack your clothes by category (tops, bottoms, outerwear) to facilitate distribution. Ensure that the items are clean and in good condition. Securely pack them in bags or boxes for easy transportation.
  • Can I volunteer for the Akhuwat Clothes Bank Drive?
    Absolutely! We welcome volunteers to help with various aspects of the drive, including collection, sorting, and distribution. Contact us through our website or at to express your interest.
  • How will the donated clothes be distributed?
    The donated clothes will be distributed to individuals and families in need through Akhuwat Foundation's network in Pakistan. We work with local communities to ensure that the clothing reaches those who can benefit the most.
  • Is there a minimum or maximum number of items I can donate?
    There is no strict limit on the number of items you can donate. We appreciate any and all contributions. Whether you have a few items or a larger donation, every contribution makes a difference.



ensure they are properly washed and folded and packaged in boxes or used suitcases.
Clothing Accepted Men & Women:

  • Currently, we are only accepting new and pre-owned formal Men & Women’s clothing (shalwar kameez, kurta, Sari, pants, shirts etc.). Please fold and pack your clothing neatly in a box or used suitcase.    

  • Men & Women: Lightly worn shoes.  

  • Children: Clothing (all sizes)  


Items NOT Accepted


  • No Undergarments (both women & men)s

  • No toys

  • No cooking pots or kitchenware

  • No furniture (lamps, tables, chairs, etc)

  • Also no books and copies

  • No Food and no water

Akhuwat’s Clothes Bank creates a space that the poor and needy can visit to receive a gift of clothes with great honor, integrity, and love. The clothes are collected from financially privileged families before they are repaired, washed or dry cleaned, and then packed. The packed clothes are then given as a gift to individuals in need.


Akhuwat aims to collect and disburse an average of over 10,000 items of clothing to underprivileged communities every month.

This project primarily recruits transgender individuals, promoting dignified employment for this  segment of society.

These packed clothes are for anyone who is in dire need, including  white-collar students, working men and women, widows, and families in need of clothing for their daughters’ marriages.



With a new concept of “zero-rental” borrowing, we provide bridal dresses for the needy and poor.


Anyone in need of specific clothes can trade his/her unnecessary items. For instance, a visitor could exchange an unneeded handkerchief for a much-needed shirt.



Another important aspect of Akhuwat Clothes Bank is the engagement of transgender workers. One collected from the donors, clothes are sorted, repaired, stitched and packed by transgender employees, providing these community members with the opportunity to earn a decent livelihood.

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